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Thursday, June 09, 2005


The Gayme Comes Outta The Closet (NH)

Apparently everything about the Gayme and 50's making up, except for the making out, was fake.
During Summer Jam, the New York tri-state area's biggest hip-hop concert of the year, the Game's frustrations boiled over while onstage in New Jersey's Giants Stadium, and he took several verbal shots at the G-Unit. The rapper also had people dressed up in a gorilla suit and a rat costume — representing 50's alleged snitching — both wearing G-Unit T-shirts and getting beaten in a mocking manner by Game's clique.
Although Gayme first tried to quell rumors by saying "I ain't fuckin with 5-0," he was unable to keep the charade up for long.
Game even yelled "F--- 50" while holding his son in his arms before performing "Dreams."

"I don't follow suit like f----t ass Yayo," Game roared. He later threatened to "knock out" Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks.

"50 Cent can suck my dick. Tony Yayo can suck my dick. G-Unit can suck my dick."

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